Alberta Police Look for Help in Finding Lottery Tickets Thief

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are looking for public assistance in their attempts to identify a man who they believe is habitually stealing lottery tickets from convenience stores before running away in a stolen vehicle.

RCMP Need Help

Alberta police Mounties were called to the Express 24 convenience store in the Red Deer neighborhood of Highland Green upon a report that a mad reportedly stole a tray of lottery tickets.

An identified man then fled the scene in a stolen silver Pontiac Grand Am, a vehicle that had been reported stolen from Aldersyde the previous day.

Police believe this same person is responsible for a similar theft at the same location when he made his escape in a stolen Ford F-350 truck, previously reported missing from Blackfalds and ultimately recovered in Red Deer.

The suspect is described as a tall Caucasian man, approximately 40 to 50 years of age. The perpetrator wore a baseball cap in both instances.

People who might have any information about the lottery ticket thief are asked to come forward and contact Red Deer RCMP.


The Alberta thief might have a winning lottery ticket in his hands after recurrent acts of stealing, and he might have just deprived some of us our win, but it comes as great reassurance to know incidents like these cannot happen online.

Your personal information and privacy details, in addition to all the winnings you claim, are not at any risk whatsoever.

No thieves here, that’s for sure.