Alberta man who Lost Home to Wildfire Wins Roof Over His Head & Car in Lottery (VIDEO)

Publish: 26.05.2017

Talk about a change of fortunes.

Michael Marchand from Fort McMurray has experienced it on his own skin as this Albertan won a luxury condo and an Italian sports car in an Edmonton hospital fundraisinig lottery, just a year after he lost his home in May 2016 wildfire.

The fire – nicknamed ‘the beast’ – started burning deep inside the bushes on 1 May 2016 and spread through the northern Alberta city two days later, forcing 88,000 strong from their homes for a month and longer.

The fire took a terrible toll, destroying almost 2,600 dwellings – one of which belonged to the Fort McMurray man Michael Marchand.

But unlike many others who suffered his faith, Marchand saw lady Fortune smile upon him.

A Condo & A Maserati

He was shopping for flowers when a representative from the Full House Lottery gave him a call this week to tell him he had won the early-bird draw which consisted of a condo overlooking the Rogers Place arena and a Maserati GranTurismo MC, a fancy Italian car.

A video of Marchand being told he had won the prize was posted on the lottery’s Facebook page and can be seen at the bottom of this article.

Marchand expressed utter disbelief upon being told he had won the big prize and went on to explain that he had lost his home last year in Fort McMurray.

Richest Early Bird ever prize – a condo and a Maserati – is worth the total of $656,837.

Full House Lottery’s grand prizes include homes, vehicles, trips and other prizes valued at $5.1 million most of which are up for grabs for all ticket buyers.