Alabama House Approves Fantasy Sports Legislation

Publish: 21.04.2017

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has been a hot subject in the Alabama senate for a while.

Alabama Senate to Make a Call

The Fantasy Sports debate revolves around the split opinion on whether daily fantasy sports are games based on skill or luck. Alabama has thus far followed the large contingent of states which were perusing the prohibitive stance on the issue, whereas several states have moved on to allow games.

The latest news of Fantasy Sports legislation being approved by the state’s House of Representatives and moved into the Senate comes as a great contrast to last year’s ruling made by Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange.

The Alabama Attorney General last April declared paid-for daily fantasy sports games illegal and all operators were instructed to end activities in the state.

The latest Fantasy Sports bill passed the vote by a close call of 43-38 as the law makers seem to have changed their firm stance on the Fantasy Sports games, ultimately deciding that Fantasy Sports do not fall under the state’s anti-gambling regulations.

Alabama Senate is now expected to pass the bill and sign it into law, which would regulate fantasy sports competitions in the state and allow Alabama authorities to collect a portion of operating profits which could be a significant addition to tax income.

Canada’s Voice on the Matter

The fantasy sports betting in the United States includes platforms such as DraftKings and Fan Duel, both of whom enjoy great popularity with the general sport-loving community.

Daily fantasy sports have moved across the United States’ borders earlier this year as Canada’s provinces were invited to join the world of DFS.

The general atmosphere in the country is not particularly inclined towards DFS as Canada has thus far shown little interest in adopting this form of betting in its regulated system.