A Gambler Loses All Of Her Money And Then Call The Police

Publish: 16.05.2018

You can either win or lose at a casino, there’s no third option. So, it’s important to be prepared for one of the two available scenarios.

Police in Leeds, Ontario was a bit confused after receiving a call from a casino, from a woman who ran out of luck that evening, losing all of her money.

She Ran Out Of Options

It seems one woman from Quebec felt she didn’t have many options after she ran out of money, and decided to call the police.

According to Global News, the 21-year old woman from Quebec lost all of their money at the Shoreline Casino Thousand Islands, and instead of walking away, she phoned the police asking for help.

Most of you may think she called the cops to complain about the way she lost her money, but no, the poor woman called the police at 5 o’clock in the morning because she needed help getting home.

She told the operator she needed a lift, after losing all her money at casinos. She even called them one more time before they arrived on the scene. Thankfully, she didn’t require further assistance, since someone had given her $20.

An Unusual Situation

Officers who arrived at casino spoke with the security to make sure the woman was safe and on her way home. Commenting on this unusual event, Const. Sandra Barr said the police often received calls that were not related to a crime or accident, but she added she couldn’t remember ever receiving a call like this.

This is definitely one of the strangest 911 calls we’ve ever heard about.

Inspector Mike Francis pointed out that 911 was for emergency calls only, explaining that an emergency situation was when the safety of people or property was at risk and requires immediate assistance.