A Fantastic C$32 Million Lotto MAX Prize Still Waiting to be Claimed

Buying a lotto ticket can end up changing one’s life, and one lucky player from Quebec witnessed that firsthand.

After buying a Lotto MAX ticket for the latest draw, the unnamed player has become eligible for a staggering payout of C$32 million!

A Fantastic C$32 Million Lotto MAX Prize Still Waiting to be Claimed

Changing Lives One Jackpot at a Time

And while we’re waiting for more details on that story, a player from Milton, Ontario has stepped up and claimed the fantastic Lotto 6/49 prize worth C$25 million. Subramaniam Jeyakumaran hit the jackpot at the draw held on October 9 but chose to remain silent and wait a bit before claiming his winnings.

Since winning such a massive amount of money requires adequate financial management, many winners chose to wait a bit before claiming their prize. Only a couple of months ago, a 55-year-old man from Edmonton finally claimed the provincial record of C$60 million 305 days after the Lotto MAX draw that changed his life.

It’s likely our winner from Quebec, who managed to match all numbers drawn in late October, has chosen this option. We should point out that after weeks without a winner (more of them), the jackpot reached C$32 million.

According to available information, no one has contacted the provincial monopoly Loto-Quebec to claim this truly life-changing prizes. As usual, the lucky player will have 52 weeks to make a claim, or the prize will expire.

In the meantime, players across Canada are getting ready for the next Lotto MAX draw, which should bring the main prize of around C$10 million.

Lotto 6/49 Is Also Generous

Speaking about his plans, the Lotto 6/49 winner of C$25,470,952.30 said he wouldn’t leave his job. He did, however, say he planned to spend a portion of that money on travelling the world with his friends and family.

His win is also great news for the lottery retail location at Erin Mills Town Center in Mississauga, where he bought the winning ticket, as it will receive 1% of the total payout.

Lotto 6/49 continues to award neat prizes, with two players winning the minimal Main Prize of C$5 million. According to available information, the winning tickets worth C$2.5 each were bought in Ontario and Quebec respectively, while their owners have 12 months to claim the prize.

But the list of prizes doesn’t stop there, as the most recent draw awarded a guaranteed prize of C$1 million to a lucky player from Saskatoon. The upcoming draw will see the Lotto 6/49 Main Prize once again climb to C$5 million.

In addition to these prizes, a Quebec Max ticket made one couple from this province the latest Canadian millionaires. Richard Deschenes and Yolande Paquet will have the chance to change their lives with a prize of C$1 million. The two bought the winning ticket at the retail store at Place de Ville in Sept-Îles, which means the spot will receive 1% from the prize itself. Commenting on the win, the two said they were ready to on a trip around the world and “explore a fresh new perspective on life”.