888 Among Operators Warned by ASA

Publish: 21.12.2017

As one of the world’s biggest gambling operator, 888 Holdings have been enduring some rather tough time recently.

888 under heavy fire

The company got punished by the United Kingdom Gaming Commission (UKGC) for breaking the self-exclusion rules with customers playing across their gaming channels despite signing an agreement that would keep them away from gambling.

As part of what has been a record fine of nearly $10 million, 888 were also blamed for failing to recognize warning signs regarding a single player who gambled for more than a year after stealing a certain amount of money from his boss.

All in all, the UKGC hit 888 pretty bad and made the company top up its security and customer-oriented systems.

Still, the UKGC issue hasn’t been the only problem 888 faced since it is now being reported that the company has fallen under the scrutiny of the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). Together with the likes of SkyBet, Casumo and Ladbrokes, 888 were found guilty of falling victims to a dubious affiliate which was promoting a notion that gambling could provide an escape from personal problems under the firms’ names.

New problems for the company

The scandalous affiliate ads targeted vulnerable people promising solutions to their financial concerns, get them out of major debt immediately or pull people out of depression.

When it comes to 888, this company was found to be directing the ad to its own website.

The company argued that the ad had been produced by an affiliate but the ASA nevertheless found 888 to be the beneficiaries of such a marketing material, calling for responsibility over the advertisement.

Advertising companies have been required to make sure their commercial intent is obvious which resulted in many unrelated gambling companies stepping up efforts to tidy the affiliate programs and make sure no sensitive advertorial rules were breached.