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6 Lotto Millionaires in Quebec, 1 in Manitoba Await Their Prizes 

Publish: 09.12.2019
Lucky lotto players from Quebec will definitely remember the Lotto MAX draw held on November 26.

Their Christmas present arrived a bit earlier this year, but what a present that was! We guess they were ecstatic after realizing their numbers matched those generated by the lotto draw: 13, 14, 18, 22, 42, 44, and 47, while 12 was drawn as the bonus number.

Lotto MAX has been very generous recently, awarding hefty prizes to lucky players across Canada. And the numbers of those giving their best to hit one of the prizes is constantly on the rise. With the jackpot reaching C$50 million, it’ no wonder that so many enjoy Lotto MAX. And when to take into consideration that whenever the aforementioned sum is reached, the Maxmillion prize of C$1 million becomes available.

There are so many opportunities to hit the main prize, all you need is a bit of luck.

So Many Ways to Spend C$50 Million

Winning a staggering C$50 million jackpot is something only a few manage to achieve during their lifetime, and although this sum may be an unbelievable one, it can easily be spent. You can buy a luxurious mansion, a brand-new exotic car, or go on a trip around the world, and you’ll keep the better portion of that sum.

However, the biggest surprise came when it was announced that the lucky winners were 6 co-workers from Montreal, which stepped out to claim their prizes after waiting a couple of days. They will each take home C$8.3 million, which is a fantastic achievement.

6 Lotto Millionaires in Quebec, 1 in Manitoba Await Their Prizes 

The lucky winners, which work together at the École Marcelle-Gauvreau in Brossard, explained they opted to wait a couple of days, to prepare the logistics. But they weren’t the only ones to benefit from this amazing win.

The retail store when the winning ticket is sold has the right to claim a small portion of the prize. However, the story of how the group won is even more interesting.

A Decision That Made All the Difference

Lyne Gendron was the member of the group responsible for purchasing the winning ticket, although nobody asked her to do that. Nobody even knew she had bought the tickets.

Commenting on her decision to buy the tickets, Gendron explained she had done that because the jackpot was becoming larger.

More Canadian Lotto Prizes

But that’s not all when it comes to lotto prizes. One fortunate player from Manitoba is eligible for a C$84,000 Lotto MAX prizes, while another from Ontario could soon grab a staggering main prize worth C$17.

The unnamed player now has exactly 52 weeks to claim this fantastic jackpot, which is sure to change his or her life. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is yet to reveal where the winning ticket was bought. This information could be revealed in the coming weeks.

Back in October, a C$32m prize went to Quebec, while Subramaniam Jeyakumaran from Milton, Ontario finally stepped up and claimed his C$25 million jackpot.