What Would You Do With $55M Lotto Max Win?

Publish: 07.06.2017

You must admit it’s a legitimate question given the life-changing amount of $55 million, which coincidently got won by an Eastern Townships couple Ann-Marie Francis and Ian Warcup.

Life-changing win

This Quebec couple hit the whopping windfall last Friday in the Lotto Max draw and decided not to tell their five children about the win. Their children are between 24 and 31, whereas the couple also has three grandchildren.

“They’re finding out with everybody else. They don’t know. Everybody is finding out at the same time.”, Ann-Marie said.

Cue the surprise for their children when they saw their parents on TV, receiving the check for $55 million.

So what are Ann-Marie and Ian are going to do with their prize?

It’s hard to tell at this point and it is quite understandable. The couple is likely to both retire from respective jobs in the promotional items business, but grandiose plans in regards to spending the money are yet to be made.

“We’re not going to live the same way we did before. We might buy some better food, more expensive food. We still don’t believe it’s actually happened.”, said Ian, who took Monday off from work.

Taking it easy

The couple are also split on the decision whether they will buy a new house or remain in their current home.

“We might either modify it or we might buy a new house, we don’t know yet. We have not planned that yet. We’re just taking it easy and coming to terms with what just happened.”, Warcup added.

Francis and Warcup were presented with their winnings at a joyous ceremony with Loto-Quebec officials in Montreal. Their hit marks the fourth time in 2017 that the Lotto Max has been won in Quebec.

To fully illustrate the odds this couple faced in scooping the big prize, we’ll just say they stand at 1 in 28,633,528.